Plush Toy Storage

You see that happy little girl in that pile of plushies? Yeah, that's my Mila and even though she may enjoy jumping around in her plushie clutter, I am not too fond of having her collection strewn all over her nursery. 
Finding cute and functional toy storage is a must because, well, I make toys for a living and her collection is only going to grow. 
This is why I was super happy to find such a fun product!
I am talking about the pouf pouches from Anna Vees Collection. These pouches can store sooooo many items and once all the soft items are inside, you just zip up the pouch and you have a cute little cushion you can use as an ottoman, floor cushion or just as a pretty storage cube at the foot of the bed or crib. 
Nicole has graciously agreed to give you guys 15% off your first purchase using the code: BIRTHDAY2. This code is good through Friday (8/25/17) 
I hope you love your new pouf as much as we do! 

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