Behind the scenes - Longer turnaround times

Hi Friends! I just wanted to take some time and let you in on some behind the scenes a bit. I have made my turnaround time a bit longer and I just wanted to give you a little look into the reason why.
I started this business to be able to stay at home with Mila. She is our rainbow baby and we waited a long time for her. She is now my number one priority ( as I am sure all you moms know ). The last few restocks I took on a bit too many orders and the stress from it all, made me feel so burnt out. I would stay up until 2am sewing on most days and even during the day I would be sewing with Mila strapped to me and I was still running behind.
One morning I woke up and just realized that I had lost my why. My "why" was to be a stay at home mom and to be able to spend time with my daughter. My "why" was because I LOVE creating and making but the truth of the matter was, I wasn't spending much quality time with my family and I even started dreading going into my studio. I also knew I needed to hire a few people to help me out but because I was so busy I couldn't even look into it! Insane right?
All of this to say, I have taken a step back and will be limiting the number of orders I take on, as well as needing to make my turnaround times a bit longer. Please know that when you purchase a friend from me, I promise to put so much time and love into them but my family always comes first and I want to make sure that they have the happiest, non stressed out version of me.
I will be starting the hiring and training process in the upcoming weeks and we should be able to have larger restocks and many more ready to ship items as well. This is my number one goal for the next three months and I will do everything I can to make it possible. I am so thankful for all of you and always want to be honest with you guys.
Thanks for reading my novel and for supporting this small business of mine.
Nia & Mila

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