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The comfort of handmade toys

They are more than just toys, they are friends to grow with

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So much love and time put into each friend, with only you and your little one in mind.


"Even cuter in person! 

Absolutely love this panda! So soft and squishy and even more adorable in person if that's even possible! Can't wait to add more friends to our collection!" 

Lexis ( on Jack the Panda, Plush Animal Friend )

" Well Made, Cute, Soft, Great for Anyone! 

We have quite the collection going on of Mila's Zoo friends! Everyone we purchase and receive is always such a fun treat when we open the package and get to meet our new furry friend! Every animal has so much love and thought put into every detail, right down to the stitching of the nose, all the way to its toes....Always look forward to what new creatures will be made and recommend this cute little shop to anyone wanting something for their kids, made with love and that is unique. You will not be disappointed! " 

Amanda Pollard

" I love this little store. We have a little unicorn from Mila's Zoo who is our second purchase. She is so soft and cuddly and has so many cute little details, she definitely has a personality of her own. She will go on many adventures with my little girl I'm sure so thank you, not only for an amazing product but for all the memories she will be apart of with my daughter! The quality of your products is second to none. Can't wait to make my next purchase. "

Jenna Beks

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